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manjushri_klein.jpgThis Wiki is offered to the Shambhala Community.
To share knowledge with each other and with the public.
You can log in with your Shambhala Account.

Basically this Wiki is open for everyone for browsing, searching and publishing.
We want to provide a knowledge container for Centers, Housebooks, How To's, How not to's, Working Groups, Terminology, Documents, Recepies, Poems …
everything connected to Shambhala that you want to be found and not lost.

A Wiki is a tool for collaboration. Several authors can contribute to the same subject and continually improve an article. This way content will always be fresh, up-to-date and correct. Knowledge can evolve. Working groups have a main reference point for their documentation, no more “email-versioning”.

Logging in with your Shambhala account gives you direct access to International: Shambhala Members. Within that space you will be able to share your knowledge with other members freely.

Shambhala Wiki currently contains public sections available for everybody and hidden private sections for working groups. The biggest working groups currently are an Audio Archive mostly used for recordings in the Netherlands and Dechen Chöling, the Shambhala center in Amsterdam which uses this Wiki as their central means for transparancy of governance and the International Family Working Group.

We can provide a dedicated working space for any center or working group that applies. You will be able to create and edit pages yourself that are visible to your own members only. You can also selectively publish to all members or the public. Once a group is created, the management of the group and its members is completely your own business, you do not need a big brother.

Please contact [email protected] and we will support you.