Family & Children

Public section of the European Families & Children Working Group.

The working group

The Families and Children Working Group is part of the governance structure of Shambhala International. Along with other mandala-wide working groups on community issues (Aging, Diversity, Accessibility and Disability, Young Sangha, Touching the Earth), the Families and Children Working Group is held within the Office of Societal Health and Wellbeing (SHWB).

Read more here about the International Families & Children Working Group

Active members of the international Family & Children Working Group are currently:

  • Liesbeth Scholten & Harald Ronge (co-chairpersons, Netherlands)
  • Bridgette O'Neill & Tim Coxon (Brighton, United Kingdom)
  • Dita Kemp (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • Kerstin Martin (Halifax, Canada)
  • Laura Burnham (Los Angeles, California, United States)
  • Susan Williams (Halifax, Canada)
  • Tracy Suchocki (Burlington, Vermont, United States)

Working group members can log in to the International Family Working Group using this link directly.

On this wiki:

To explore what is on this wiki, check out the menu on the top right of this page. Here are some highlights:

What is the role of families in Shambhala and what kind of things are happening for families, parents, children, teens, youth in Shambhala Europe?

Find upcoming events for families and children in Europe.

And also, impressions of family events that have taken place in Europe.

You can also find information about Family Camp, a Shambhala programme dedicated completely to families. It always takes place in the summer in the land centers of Shambhala.

As the European family working group it is our ideal to create family tracks for all major programmes in Europe. Together with Dechen Chöling, we made an effort to make the Shambhala retreat with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche in 2012 more accessible and attractive for families. It was a big success and will hopefully inspire more programmes. Read here about the Families Track during the "Being Brave" retreat.

Use of this wiki by the Families & Children Working Group

This wiki does not replace existing websites and resources, but rather it aims to bring together (links to) many of the relevant and inspiring material for Families and Children that is already publicly available, so that this knowledge is more easily accessible.

The wiki also provides information and material that is specifically for European audiences; Events for families and children taking place in Europe and challenges on the path that are particular to the European situation with its diversity in nations, cultures and languages.

Our use of the wiki is still in a very early stage, the material will grow over time. We already experience a lag in updating, because this is a Wiki we hope, people will be able to contribute directly from 2014 on.

The information and materials collected here are intended to support families, householders, parents, children, teenagers, in bringing trust in basic goodness to the everyday challenges of household life, parenting, and growing up.

The focus will be on supporting the wider Shambhala community, extending to all families and households that feel a connection with Shambhala vision, or Buddhism, and the culture of kindness and virtue that springs from trust in basic goodness or Buddha nature.